Divinos Cachos

Innovative Technology that allows curly and undulate hair in a unique and amazing way with vegetable vitamins getting defined curls, shine and softness.

Extremelly Divinos Cachos Hora de Cachear Time to curl

Divino Cachos is the line rich in essential oils, vitamins and minerals to combat dryness, provide alignment, control the volume and frizz characteristic of curly hair. It has a vegetal bioactive removed from the chia and linseed that allows the formation and the maintenance of the curls with natural effect and modeled for much more time, nourishes and restructures the damaged cuticles, providing shine and softness to the strands.

Extremelly Divinos Cachos Professional Line

What’s the Divinos Cachos Professional Treatment line Yeld?

40 applications on short hair;
30 applications on medium hair;
20 applications on long hair.

Extremelly Divinos Cachos Maintenance Line

For better results, use the maintenance line!

What’s the Divinos Cachos Maintenance Treatment line Yeld?

From 20 to 30 applications.