Extrato de Açaí e Manteiga de Cupuaçu

The Açaí & Cupuaçu line has a typical Brazilian combination that combats capillary aging.

Extremelly Açaí e Cupuaçu da natureza para os seus cabelos From nature to

Acai extract, a powerful antioxidant in the fight against aging, a source of vitamins and minerals, together with cupuaçu butter, restore moisture, nourish, combat dryness, control frizz, promote radiance and softness to damaged yarns and brittle.

Açaí e Cupuaçu profissional professional

What’s the Açaí&Cupuaçu Professional Treatment line Yeld?

40 applications on short hair;
30 applications on medium hair;
20 applications on long hair.

Açaí e Cupuaçu manutenção maintenance

For better results, use the maintenance line!

What’s the Divinos Cachos Maintenance Treatment line Yeld?

From 20 to 30 applications.