Anti-Frizz Reparative Oils

Serum Termoativado Cristal: Has vitamins which repair dried wires with damaged tips. Returns silkiness and the crystal luminosity of hair.

Serum Cristal Reparative Oil

What’s the Serum Cristal Maintenance line yield?

From 50 to 70 applications.

Óleo de Argan – Reconstructor , Nutritive and Cuticle healing treatment with active term action. Prevent dried hair and double ends.

Argan Oil Óleo de Argan Reparative Oil

What’s the Óleo de Argan Maintenance line yield ?

From 50 to 70 applications.

Sérum Morango – With strawberry extract and designed to the hair that need shine and frizz reduction of rebels wires, leaving the strands soft and loose.

Serum Morango reparative Oil

What’s Serum Morango Maintenance line yield?

50 a 70 aplicações.