Magic Capilar

A perfect formula that align and treat with 0% of formaldehyde .

Magic Capilar Alinhamento térmico 0% de formol

Magic Capilar provides a perfect alignment treatment to the wires, being rich in amino acids, enzymes and hydrate agentes it enables the alignment and perfect wires treatment. Magic Capilar is recommended to pregnant, children and elderly, by not possessing formoldehyde in its formula and being a light product and without any aggression to extremely delicate threads.

Magic Capilar Alinhamento térmico 0% de formol

What’s the Magic Capilar alignment durability?

From 3 to 4 months (in lenght).

What’s the Magic Capilar thermal alignment yeld?

20 applications on short hair;
15 applications on medium hair;
12 applications on long hair.