Advance 11 Fases Wheat Protein

Protein replenisher!

The Advance 11 Fases Wheat Proteins line has the biotechnology (active with low molecular weight) in its favor. A powerful rebuilder, replenished with proteins and nutrients lost in chemical and mechanics processes or day-to-day aggressions, dealing directly in the cortex. Provides protection against UV rays.

Neutralization and fixing the color;

Strand by strand restructuring;

Hair nutrition;

Hot cauterization;

Cold cauterization;

SOS Chemical Powders;

Reconstructed and defined curls;

Blonde diva;

Protein replacer;

SOS Hydro Reconstruction;

Double Restore.

What’s the Advance 11 Fases Wheat Protein Professional Treatment line Yeld?

60 applications on short hair;
50 applications on medium hair;
40 applications on long hair.

For better results, use the maintenance line!

What’s the Advance 11 Fases Wheat Protein Maintenance Treatment line Yeld?

20 to 30 applications.