Advance 11 Fases Wheat Protein

The end of the split ends!

The Advanced 11 Fases Wheat Protein is ideal to fortify the capillary bulb and to the combat hair loss. It contains B5 and D’Pantenol vitamins in your formula. The B5 vitamin is a powerful preventive agent repairer of split ends and amino acids, as D’Pantenol which is a strong stimulating on growth cells that helps on cellular renovation, besides assists on hydration providing softness and malleability by his property of holding water.

Neutralization and hair color fixer;
Dry restructuring strand to strand;
Capillary Nutrition;
Wire Cauterization;
SOS Chemical Cutting;
Fragile Ends and Damage Wires;
Nano Keratinization;
Bulb Clean Therapy;
Hydro Reconstruction;
Capillary strands Tonic;
Regenerator of elastic and dry wires.

What’s the Advance 11 Fases Wheat Protein Professional Treatment line Yeld?

60 applications on short hair;
50 applications on medium hair;
40 applications on long hair.

For better results, use the maintenance line!

What’s the Advance 11 Fases Wheat Protein Maintenance Treatment line Yeld?

20 to 30 applications.